Sienna’s 1st Birthday {Cake Smash}

Photos: Nicholas Brown (Canberra Cake Smash Photographer)

Location: Sydney, NSW

Earlier this year a good friend of mine told me about the phenomenon taking over the USA. Take a perfectly good cake, place it in front of your child on their first birthday and you photograph the results. What a crazy idea I thought.  So crazy in fact that it just might work. Soon after I was asked by a lovely couple in Sydney to photograph their gorgeous little Sienna’s first birthday AND A CAKE SMASH! I was so excited.

I had read that some kids just sit there and stare at the cake, some kick it, some throw it and others just plant their face in it. Sienna did a little of all these. At first she just sat behind the cake looking around trying to figure out why she was being stared at by half a dozen family members. Soon after she put her hand through the top of the cake with a look on her face that said, “you’re not going to stop me?”. This was followed by pulling the cake apart, sticking her feet in it and feeding bits of it to her family. I have never had more fun on a photo shoot.

Those of you looking for a fun way to celebrate and capture your child’s first birthday, I couldn’t think of anything better. If you are in Sydney or Canberra I would love to be your cake smash photographer. Enjoy the photos.

Sydney Cake Smash PhotographySydney Cake Smash PhotographySydney Cake Smash PhotographySydney Cake Smash Photography

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