Photo Love {Footloose}

Photo: Nicholas Brown (Canberra Wedding Photographer)

Location: Black Barn Vineyards, New Zealand

Welcome to Photo Love. This is the title I give to the blog posts I write about one photo and why I love it. Sometimes I love the photo because of the composition or lighting, while other times it is because of the story behind the photo. My favourite photos are when there is a combination of both. I hope you enjoy the story and the photo.

Some of the best photos from the wedding happen when the lights go down. No, I’m not talking about the hotel room. Get your heads out of the gutter. I am talking about the dance floor. This is a great time. The formalities are over: the ceremony, the group photos, the speeches, the cake cutting, trying to remember not to stand on each others feet during the first dance etc. It’s all done. Now it is time to cut loose … footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes …

This photo shows the groom burning up the dance floor. This is what I love to see at the end of the wedding day. The tie is off, the family and friends are having fun and the sweat is pouring off peoples faces. I was really happy to snap this photo as Alex was dancing with the wedding guests. Not only does it show him having fun and highlight the new bling on his ring finger, it also captures the joy on his Mum’s face behind him. Only moments before, she stopped dancing with Alex’s Dad (shown in the background dancing with himself) to watch Alex. I still don’t know if she was proudly looking on and reminiscing about the special day, or was mesmerised by Alex’s dance moves. Maybe it was both.

Everybody cut, everybody cut … everybody cut footloose!

Canberra Wedding Photographer takes photo of groom dancing at wedding

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