Photo Love {Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching}

One of the best things about a wedding is the opportunity to let your hair down, have a few drinks and dance like there’s nobody watching. Just like this gentlemen.

I like to imagine that this photo captures the essence of this gentleman, shinning a spotlight on his inner awesomeness that is more often that not wrapped in a suit sitting quietly in business meetings. He represents an indispensable quality that few people have to just be themselves, without a care in the world.

Wedding days are full of emotion, joy and love. As a result, they provide a time, place and a means (e.g. dance floor) which allow people to let this essence shine.

This is a little window into the best bits of people; when people are at their happiest and carefree. Weddings are truly wonderful occasions and photographs like this are the reason I love doing what I do.


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