Photo Love {The Boat}

Hi, my name is Nicholas and I am a Canberra wedding photographer. Welcome to Photo Love. This is the title I give to the blog posts I write about one photo and why I love it. Sometimes I love the photo because of the composition or lighting, while other times it is because of the story behind the photo. My favourite photos are when there is a combination of both. I hope you enjoy the story and the photo.

I love this photo.

Taking photos with the happy couple after the ceremony is always a lot of fun, but this wedding photo at Redbrow Garden with Cat and Dave is one in a million. When I was talking to them a few weeks before the wedding about where to have post ceremony photos they looked at each other, then looked at me, then they both said, ‘there’s this lake and it has a boat’. I was smiling already.

Cat and Dave got in the boat and as Dave rowed into the middle of the lake, Cat enjoyed the view and the champagne on board. Nevertheless, a few minutes in, it is safe to say Cat got a bit bored and wanted to take over the rowing. I think Dave was happy to have a rest. There were a few close calls on the journey, but in the end, they both stayed dry.

I love this photo for many reasons but the main reason is that I believe it represents who Cat and Dave are; adventurous and nature loving. As a photographer I get the opportunity to capture amazing people and sometimes I also get to do it when they are in their element. This is one of those moments. I am grateful I got to capture them in their element on their special day together.

Photo: Nicholas Brown (Canberra Wedding Photographer)

Location: Wedding photo at Redbrow Garden

Wedding photo at Redbrow Garden

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