Photo Love {Aunty Rach}

Hi, I am Nicholas Brown from Iconic Photography. I am a Canberra wedding and family photographer. Welcome to Photo Love. This is the title I give to the blog posts I write about one photo and why I love it. Sometimes I love the photo because of the composition or lighting, while other times it is because of the story behind the photo. My favourite photos are when there is a combination of both. I hope you enjoy the story and the photo.

This is a very special edition of photo love because today is my big sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Rach. Rachael travelled up to Canberra to visit us a few weeks ago and I snapped this photo of her holding Ollie Bear out the front of Aubergine Restaurant. Alas, no, we hadn’t just eaten there, but it does have a lovely hedge out the front that makes a nice photo backdrop.

Photography Tip: Never underestimate the importance of the background in a photo. Generally speaking you should aim for something textured or something that will diffuse the light. It’s really difficult to get a nice portrait photo with the sun directly behind you if you aren’t blocking or diffusing the light it some way.

I don’t remember a lot from my childhood. It’s a real shame, I know, but I am forever grateful that my parents and grandparents took photos and video footage of me playing with my aunties, uncles and cousins. My grandfather in particular was famous for lugging his video camera around to family functions. We have incredible family footage thanks to him. One piece of footage in particular that sticks in my mind is me playing football in the backyard with my uncle Dave. I don’t remember the day at all. I must have only been about three years old, but thanks to my grandfather I’ll have that footage forever.

Another very special moment captured, this time in photos, was Rach, Sam and I with our uncle Gerard. We were at a beach house on the Victorian coast and we were all outside performing ‘Step in Time’ from Mary Poppins. Gerard was playing the role of Dick Van Dyke and we sang along, dancing around the backyard with broomsticks pretending to be chimney sweeps. These photos are priceless to me, my sisters and Gerard.

So why do I love the photo below? Simple. It captures the love that Rachael has for Ollie and the effort she went to, to come and visit him. He won’t remember that Rachael came to visit, but I’ll be able to show him this photo in years to come to show him how much Rachael loves him. It is this image that will become his memory. I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful sisters who cherish the role of being an aunty. We can’t wait to see you again soon Rach. Happy Birthday!

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Photo: Nicholas Brown (Canberra Family Photographer)

Location: Griffith, Canberra

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