Kelsey & Simon’s Wedding {Ginninderry Homestead}

Hi and welcome to Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding photographer. Today I bring you the story of Kelsey and Simon’s wedding at Ginninderry Homestead, Canberra.

Kelsey and Simon’s wedding was a lovely reminder that great things in life come from taking a chance. We’ve all done it. You take a leap and sometimes it pays off and sometimes you land flat on your face. Taking chances and having the courage to make mistakes teach us valuable lessons and sometimes lead to meeting great new people; even your future partner.

Kelsey and Simon got together thanks to coincidence, mistakes and courage. Simon was accidentally booked to stay in a town longer than he needed to (his mates mistake). While waiting the week out, he went out to a pub to met people, went to the wrong pub and happened to meet Kelsey. Soon after, she took a chance and flew half way around the world to be with him.

And – as they say – the rest is history. It was clearly meant to be. All thanks to a few mistakes and taking a risk. This is love. This is Kelsey and Simon.

Simon and Kelsey were married at Ginninderry Homestead. It’s a beautiful old Homestead  in Uriarra, ACT. Kelsey got ready with her bridesmaids and family (including the family dog) in the main house while Simon and his groomsmen prepared in the nearby cottage. It’s a great setup for a wedding.

Following a beautiful ceremony on the lawn, the bridal party and I ducked off to take some photos while the guests enjoyed the gin bar provided by Erin and her caravan, My Sweet Alice. It was a hit! The reception was also on the grounds of Ginninderry. Kelsey had planned it to a tee and with the help of family and good friends like Jess, the reception venue looked phenomenal.

The speeches were a treat. The father of the bride and groom both gave wonderful speeches which brought Kelsey (and many others) to tears. The best man and the maid of honour gave everyone an insight into the Kelsey and Simon story which made it very clear why we were all there that day. Simon gave the best (yes – the best) new husband speech I’ve ever seen. He had flowers for the mums, he complimented everyone, he was adoring of his new wife and he was funny. The perfect speech. Not to be upstaged however, Kelsey’s sisters Riley and Brooke did a rap of the story of Kelsey and Simon to the theme song to The Fresh Price of Bel Air. Absolute classic!

The rest of the night was dedicated to dancing. A marquee was set up outside the reception venue and everyone enjoyed dancing to the tunes supplied by Ced Nada ( Especially the Nutbush!

Thank you Kelsey and Simon for reminding me about taking risks, trusting your instincts and embracing your mistakes. Sometimes they lead to the most amazing things.


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