Engagement Photos {Rachel & Andrew}

This photo session with Rachel and Andrew was featured in Polka Dot Bride!

Hi! Welcome to Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding photographer.

I have a quick quiz for all of you in the Iconic Photography Community. What is warm, fuzzy and causes butterflies in your stomach. A hint – it’s not Guy Sebastian’s old hairstyle; although I am sure it was warm and fuzzy. Sorry, off topic. The answer is

… True love … and the couple you will meet today have it in spades.

Rachel and Andrew are an adorable couple. As I said to Rachel and Andrew during their engagement photo session in Nara Park, Lennox Gardens last weekend, adorable is not a word a man like me commonly uses, but in their case, it sums them up perfectly.

I met Rachel and Andrew about a month ago, when they booked me to photograph their wedding next year. From the first moment I saw them, I could tell how perfect they are for each other. As they walked into the café, they were holding hands and smiling at each other like it was their first date (it wasn’t by the way), and after speaking with them for five minutes, I could see how well they complement and support each other.

I feel very fortunate to be Rachel and Andrew’s photographer for a number of reasons; the most obvious being that they are so good looking :)  Another is that they are good looking on the inside too. They are genuine, generous, funny and full of life. I can’t wait to capture some more special memories for them on their wedding day. Oh, I must not forget that they are also great cooks and hosts. Following the photo session, they asked me to join them for scones and wine in the park. Delicious!

Thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer, Rachel and Andrew. I hope you love the photos.


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Thanks for visiting Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding and family photographer. I am also a husband, a father and a bit of a nerd. What I love about wedding and family photography is getting to know people, listening to their stories and then helping them tell their story. Oh … and I also love coffee. So, if you’d like to sit down over a cup and tell me your story, I would love to hear it and help you share it.
  • Rachel de Feyter

    Thanks so much Nick! These are wonderful, and we’re really excited to see the whole set!
    We were pretty nervous so thanks for making it such a fun afternoon. See you in a few months!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks very much for the comment Rachel. I’m so glad you love the photos. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo session. How can you not enjoy piggy backs in the park!? :)ReplyCancel

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