Canberra Wedding Photographer

Hi, my name is Nick and I am a Canberra wedding photographer.

I still remember the first time a couple (good friends of mine) asked me to photograph their wedding. I was honoured, excited and on the morning of the wedding, sweating bullets. I no longer get nervous, but instead get excited. I feel very lucky that I get to play a small role in the happiest day of people’s lives.

Nick; wedding photographer

Your wedding photos are some of the most important photos you’ll ever have. The photos in those albums don’t just have to be amazing, they need to tell your story.

This can only be done by someone who knows the story. So when you ask me to photograph your wedding, I like to get to know a little bit about you. I want to meet you, drink some coffee, find out about you, have a laugh and learn what it is that makes you so awesome. Because, let’s face it, you are awesome!

A little about me. I am a lucky man. I have a phenomenal wife and a happy little son (who features in my monthly blog Ollie Days). I have a Master’s degree in Geophysics, and the most embarrassing album I ever bought was Enrique Iglesias’s Escape. Come on, you know you love it too!

Now you know a little about me, I would love to hear a bit about your story and help you share it.


phone: 0413 857 609
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Feature Weddings

Here are some stories that I have helped to tell recently. If you’d like to see more, please see my archive of wedding blogs.

Photos: Nick (Canberra Wedding Photographer)

photos by Nick; wedding photographer   photos by Nick; wedding photographer   photos by Nick; wedding photographer


Let’s catch up!

I would like to meet you and your partner for a coffee and find out more about you both and your plans for the big day. I’ll also be happy to take you through the collections I offer and work with you to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Each collection of offer includes the Iconic Photography Digital Collection. This includes all your full resolution photos (not watermarked) on USB.

photo by Nick; wedding photographer

To get in touch with me, please fill in the contact form or call me on 0413 857 609.


A Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

To offer you an insight into what a day in the life of a wedding photographer is like, I have written a blog post that explains everything from the preparation photos in the morning, to the dance floor photos in the evening. I take you through scouting for photo locations, the must get shots and offer some handy tips to make sure your big day goes off with only one hitch; you and your partner.

A day in the life of a wedding photographer


Engagement Photo Session

Many couples I meet with tell me they have a few smart phone photos together, but they don’t have many (or any) really nice photos that they would put in a frame or keep for prosperity. Engagement photo sessions are a wonderful opportunity to start your collection of professional photos together. Other great reasons include:

  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day
  • Capturing great photos which you can use to create ‘Save the Date’ cards or engagement announcements
  • Taking time out of your busy lives to cherish each other.

Preparing for the wedding can be very stressful. Taking a couple of hours to concentrate on each other, have some fun and a lot of laughs is refreshing. It helps you remember why you are getting married.

Engagement photo sessions are $495. This includes 90 minutes of coverage at a location of your choice and an Iconic Photography Digital Collection. You can even bring along a range of outfits if you’d like to change during the session and get a wider range of photos.

Click the photos below to see some engagement photo sessions including one I had featured in Polka Dot Bride.

Photos: Nick (Canberra Wedding Photographer)

photos by Nick; wedding photographer  photos by Nick; wedding photographer


Digital Collection

The Iconic Photography Digital Collection includes your full resolution photos on a wooden USB flash drive in a Kraft & Jute presentation box. I also include a few select prints from your wedding day. I like to include prints as a reminder of the importance of printing photos and making an album. I believe photos truly come to life when they are printed and held. More information about the Iconic Photography Digital Collection can be found on my blog post.

Photos: Nick (Canberra Wedding Photographer)

photos by Nick; wedding photographer   photos by Nick; wedding photographer   photos by Nick; wedding photographer


Photo Love

Weddings are full or weird, wonderful and wacky moments. Photo Love is the title I give to the blog posts where I write about one photo and tell you why I love it. Sometimes I love the photo because of the composition or lighting, while other times it is because of the story behind the photo. My favourite photos are when there is a combination of both. I hope you enjoy the stories and the photos.

More Photo Love posts can be found by clicking on this magical link

photos by Nick; wedding photographer    photos by Nick; wedding photographer   photos by Nick; wedding photographer


Canberra wedding ceremony locations

As a Canberra wedding photographer, I often get asked by couples where my favourite wedding ceremony locations are, so I decided to compile a list and include some information about each location. This list is by no means complete and I will be adding new locations to the list when I come across them. If you have a favourite Canberra wedding ceremony location that I haven’t got listed, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear about it.

Link to Canberra wedding ceremony location information.


Reviews of Iconic Photography (Canberra wedding photographer)

I may be biased but I think I have the most wonderful clients on Earth. Here a couple of lovely reviews of sent to me.

Lisa  – “Nicholas went above and beyond to help us to create some beautiful photos that will help our memories to live on forever. He was very friendly and professional went the extra mile to make sure that he got the right shot. Definitely recommend!”

Jess – “Nick was our photographer for our wedding at The NSW Writers Centre, Callan Park, Sydney in December 2012. He was incredibly professional and attentive to our needs as a stressed out bride and groom to be! He wisely prompted us to think ahead of time about the ‘key shots’ that we really hoped to get on the day. With that in place, Nick was a calm and unobtrusive presence on the day, working tirelessly to get those shots – along with many other candid portraits of family and friends that we had no idea he was doing and truly treasure to this day! Nick has a keen eye for setting up both beautiful landscape shots and also close up portraits that really capture that warmth of spirit guests and participants alike exude at weddings. We had an outdoor wedding at 42 degrees and he never lost his cool! I would recommend Nick highly to anyone looking for a photographer to record their special day. The day itself is over in a nano-second, but Nick’s photos have the power to transport us right back there whenever we look at them. Thank you for all your hard work Nick!

Sharon – “We loved having Nick from Iconic Photography to photograph our wedding and we would highly recommend him for any occasion. On the day he was unobtrusive, got all the right shots and was flexible when circumstances changed.”