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Photo of Nicholas Brown from iconic photographyHi! Thanks for visiting. My name is Nick and I am a Canberra family photographer.

Your family photos are some of the most important photos you’ll ever have. The photos in those albums don’t just have to be amazing, they need to tell your story.

This can only be done by someone who knows the story. So when you ask me to photograph your family, I want to meet you, drink some coffee, find out about your family, have a laugh and learn what it is that makes you so awesome. Because, let’s face it, you are awesome!

A little about me. I am a lucky man. I have a phenomenal wife and a happy little son (who features in my monthly blog Ollie Days). I have a Master’s degree in Geophysics, and the most embarrassing album I ever bought was Enrique Iglesias’s Escape. Come on, you know that beat is catchy!

Now you know a little about me, I would love to hear a bit about your story and help you share it.

phone: 0413 857 609
twitter: @iconic_nicholas


Family Sessions

Here are some stories that I have helped to tell recently. If you’d like to see more, please see my archive of family blogs.

Photos: Nick (Canberra Family Photographer)

Kinch-109   1L3A5239   family photography session in the Canberra Rose Gardens


A Day in the Life Sessions

Time flies, especially when you’re having fun. I must be having a lot of fun because the days and years only seem to be going by faster and faster. “A Day in the Life” is my attempt to try and slow time down and maybe even freeze time, albeit for a day.

I do this by spending a day with you and your family to document what you do and the unique way in which you do it. This day can include anything you like: waking up and having breakfast, the kids sporting events, visiting grandma, a picnic in the park, an imaginary tea party, the annual family table tennis competition, story time at night or all of the above. These ordinary events make for an extraordinary record.


“Making the ordinary extraordinary.”


If you are interested in “A Day in the Life” photography or have a question for me, I would love to hear from you.

Here is A Day in the Life of the Kinch’s.

A day in the life photography


Photo Locations

The best family photos are taken somewhere that are meaningful to you. Whether it be a nearby park, your backyard or even your lounge room. Of course, if you would like me to help you come up with ideas for photo locations or things to wear, I would be happy to help. Keep in mind, the best time for photos is the late afternoon when the sun isn’t too harsh. For a personalised quote, please get in touch with me.


Digital Collection

The Iconic Photography Digital Collection includes your full resolution photos on a wooden USB flash drive in a Kraft & Jute presentation box. I also include a few select prints from your family session. I like to include prints as a reminder of the importance of printing photos and making an album. I believe photos truly come to life when they are printed and held. More information about the Iconic Photography Digital Collection can be found on my blog post.

open box with photos spread around it   USB flash drive with iconic photography logo   Brown box with iconic photography logo

I include all the best photos from the session in the Digital Collection. I don’t hold any photos back from you. Every photo I take that is of a high quality, I professionally edit and provide to you.


Photo Love

Families are full of fun and inspiring people. Photo Love is the title I give to the blog posts where I write about one photo and tell you why I love it. Sometimes I love the photo because of the composition or lighting, while other times it is because of the story behind the photo. My favourite photos are when there is a combination of both. I hope you enjoy the stories and the photos.

Photos: Nick (Canberra Family Photographer)

Canberra Family Photographer   W1   Woman in blue coat holding a baby wearing a beanie


Reviews of Iconic Photography (Canberra Family Photographer)

I may be biased but I think I have the most wonderful clients on Earth. Here are a few of the lovely reviews of Iconic Photography clients have sent through to me.

Ana – “I just received a knock at the door to find my delivery from you! The photos are amazing and we couldn’t be happier. The packaging is super impressive also. We will most certainly love to have you do (if that’s ok?) Radar’s 1st birthday photos or even earlier ie: christening or the like.
I can’t wait to begin his photo book and put the photos into frames. 
Thanks again!”


PaoYi – “Nick took family portraits for us and they were great! We prefer a more natural, candid style of photography (as opposed to studio portraits) – he listened to our specific requests and the results fit the bill perfectly. He also did a great job dealing with our 16 month old toddler (who occasionally refused to play along!) Would highly recommend!”


Virginia – “Based on Nicks previous photography exhibition we engaged Nick to take some family photos with our 1 year old son. He was excellent in being able to capture some great moments that weren’t too formal and really capture our sons little personality. Would highly recommend and use again.”


Lucy – “When I was expecting my second child I looked back on photos from my first and realised I wasn’t in many of them. I decided I wanted a series of photos of the four of us that captured us as we are as a family, particularly my imaginative 4 year old son. Nick spent the afternoon with us while we crept, crawled, ran and climbed our way around Weston Park. He captured both my children perfectly – my son’s exuberance and my new daughter’s peacefulness. Thank you Nick!”