Caitlin & Tim’s Wedding {Lanyon Homestead}

Hi and welcome to Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding photographer. Today I bring you the story of Caitlin and Tim’s wedding at Lanyon Homestead, Canberra.

When I first met Caitlin and Tim for a coffee, I asked them what parts of the day were the most important to them so that I could make sure I didn’t miss it. I ask this to all the couples I photograph. Caitlin gave me the most beautiful answer I’ve ever had. “We want to be married more than we want to have a wedding”, she replied. My jaw dropped, I think I just sat stunned for a few seconds. To them, getting married is more about their future together than having a big party.

Caitlin got ready with her bridesmaids at her parents house. It felt like a party when Alan and I arrived to start photographing. Music, champagne, laughter. These are sure signs it’s going to be a fun day.

When we made our way to Lanyon Homestead, Tim was lined up with his groomsmen on the verandah. He was joking with his groomsmen, nervously anticipating the arrival of his bride. When she made her way onto the verandah, the joking turned to joyful tears.

Caitlin and Tim, it has been lovely getting to know you both. I wish you all the very best.

Makeup: Meg Stewart

Photos: Nicholas Brown and Alan Balino

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Thanks for visiting Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding and family photographer. I am also a husband, a father and a bit of a nerd. What I love about wedding and family photography is getting to know people, listening to their stories and then helping them tell their story. Oh … and I also love coffee. So, if you’d like to sit down over a cup and tell me your story, I would love to hear it and help you share it.

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