Ana’s Home Maternity Photo Session

Photos: Nicholas Brown {Canberra Maternity Photographer}

Location: Sydney

Maternity photos are a fantastic idea. I think there is something really special about capturing the first stage of being a Mum. I can appreciate that not all women may feel like this is the best time to start their modelling career in a studio. This is why home maternity photo sessions can be so good. When you are at home, it is your space and you are in charge. You are more relaxed, you can play with your pets (and include them in the photos), wear what you like and sit in your favourite chair. It is my job to do the rest.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by Ana to come over for a home maternity photo session (sneak peek). It was so much fun. We started by talking about the types of photos Ana likes and walked around the house to find some spots with great light and suitable backdrops.

Over the next couple of hours we were able to capture some memories for Ana and her fiancé Nick that they will cherish forever. This is such as special time and although you may be uncomfortable in front of the camera, I encourage you to try and capture the way you look and the way you feel. Even if you take the photos yourself, you won’t regret it. Just pick a spot in your house with good natural light (but not direct sunlight) and a blank wall. Also, if you are looking for some inspiration, I have some other photos of a home maternity photo session here from my house.

Of course, if you would like me to come and take some photos for you, I would be very happy to. You can find more about me and my family photo collections on my About Me page and Family page.


Home Maternity Photo SessionHome Maternity Photo SessionHome Maternity Photo Session

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