Ali & Jeremy’s Wedding {Sylvan Glen, Bundanoon}

Hi and welcome to Iconic Photography. My name is Nicholas Brown and I am a Canberra wedding photographer. Today I bring you the story of Ali and Jeremy’s wedding at Sylvan Glen, Bundanoon.

// ALI + JEREMY ~ 7 JANUARY 2017 //

They can lift each other up (literally)
They complete each other (’s sentences)
They love each other (and their fur kids)

Thanks for a great wedding and party Ali and Jeremy.

Every now and then a day comes along that is memorable. So special that you know it is one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Ali and Jeremy’s wedding was one of those days. It had everything you need for a great day: colour, flair, Rick Astley references in the ceremony, a lolly bar, Wes, a dessert bar, mojitos, an Ali and a Jeremy.

I’ve been lucky to know Ali for nine years. Ali is my wife’s sister. She is strong (in every sense of the word), funny, kind, helpful and caring. She is the first person you have on your list if you’re throwing a party and she’s the person you would move the date of the party for if she can’t make it. Ali is not my sister-in-law. Ali is my sister.

I meet Jez about five years ago. From the start I could tell he was perfect for Ali. Jez is a rock (again – in every sense of the word), giving, helpful and reassuring. For some reason when you’re in a bind, after talking to Jez you just feel like everything is going to be ok. He has always felt like family. Now it’s just official.

I was honoured to be the MC for this special day and only photographed some preparation shots and the brunch after the wedding day. Consider these photos the entrée course. The main will be provided soon by the official photographer for the day, Dean Dampney.

Thanks for asking me to play a small role in your big day, Ali and Jez. It is one I will never forget.

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